Encouraging Leadership Development – 5 Keys

by Jim on March 31, 2014


Ministry Encouragement Podcast – Episode #088  – 3-31-14

Your Host: Rev. Jim W. Hollis   Our Sponsor: Proactive Ministries

Hello and welcome again to the Ministry Encouragement Podcast.  This is the 88th Episode and it’s my hope that you will know how much I appreciate your presence here. God continues to grow our podcast community.

Today I’ll be covering a major teaching on Leadership:

Five Leadership Development Keys

There are volumes that have been written on Leadership.  Today I’d like to share five major keys on how to move your Leadership Team to an entirely new level.  While some of these are basic, as we get involved in projects, growing pains, and increased success – it can be easy to let these basic core elements of Leadership begin to slip.  The five are:

Key #1: The letter “I” is not in the word, “Team” –  focus on using “We” / “Our”

  • Championship leaders give credit to their Team members

Key #2: Choose words thoughtfully, but be careful with the tone spoken

  • Poor words can wound, but the tone can sometimes kill

Key #3: Let’s each check our “Default Expectations”  as leaders –

  • Lazy leaders, poor leaders, and negative leaders default to expect the worst of their fellow Team Members.
  • Excellent leaders, Courageous leaders, and Caring leaders default to expect the best from their Team Members.

Key #4: The shortest route to building deep trust with a Team Member is to travel across “The Bridge of Story”  – speeding up the crossing by Listening

  • Work consistently to listen & understand – trust will follow

Key #5: Excellent Leaders live passionately as Servant-Leaders –

  • Excellent leaders ask these questions, “How can I help you be your very best today?” and “What can I do for you?”

Any of these five keys can be done occasionally.  Those who are taking their becoming a great leader to an entirely new level commit themselves to do all five keys consistently.  Consistency of effort over time produces phenomenal leaders who others desire to follow.


The Leadership Keys I shared with you can be effectively applied to groups or teams of leaders in a multiplicity of organizations – from churches to corporations.  These Keys also can be incorporated into our lives as individuals, producing growth that will grow individuals closer to reaching their individual leadership potential.

It’s my prayer that you will take a couple of minutes and share today’s podcast with others you know.  You may wish to use it in a small group or other organization that you participate in.

Have you considered Personal Leadership Coaching? 

Part of the joy I have is to provide Personal Leadership Coaching with individuals or sometimes a small group of leaders who wish to grow together in their leadership effectiveness. If you’re interested, feel free to contact me soon.

You may reach me by:

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Until our next time together, continue to live in the joy of Christ.  May you become a wonderful leader in touching lives through sharing Christ’s love, grace and hope with others each day!


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