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by Jim on August 28, 2013


Ministry Encouragement Podcast – Episode #61 – August 28, 2013

Your Host: Rev. Jim W. Hollis, Executive Director of Proactive Ministries

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Hello and welcome to another weekly episode of our podcast. Your being with me today is a wonderful blessing and a great source of encouragement for our entire community that God continues to build.  It’s my prayer that your life will be inspired today by your participation here.  Thank you for taking your time to listen and share your thoughts and ideas following today’s podcast.

Today I want to ask something very important of you.  I would like for you to send me your ideas that come from your personal spiritual curiosity.  Please consider the following questions as to how you can specifically touch lives from sharing your input today:

1) What are two spiritual topics that you would love to hear addressed or shared about in teaching that are rarely covered in your church, group or discussions? 

2) When you have a friend or relative who asks you to help them understand Christianity or becoming a Christian, what are the first 3 areas of the Christian Faith and Life you would want them to understand? 

3)  What is a scripture passage, story or topic that you wish your Pastor or Ministry Leader would speak or teach about? 

4)  What are some of the greatest obstacles or challenges faced today by Christian Leaders?

5) What frustrates you most about your present Pastor or Pastors that you have had serve in  your local church? 

6) Why are high percentages of people in North America today so resistant to discussing the topic of “church” in conversations?

7) What are two absolute changes you would personally want to see in your church or ministry group?

8) What is one Webinar Training topic that you would like to see our ministry make available for you as a Christ-follower OR your church?

There are times in our lives where we feel our personal thoughts and input are either not heard or understood by those who lead.  Let me assure you that if you will respond to one or more of the above questions, I will not only listen but prayerfully consider how I can incorporate your input into future episodes of our podcast.

You may send your thoughts to me in one of several easy ways:

By email:

By Voicemail: on this page, a tab on the right hand side – click on it with your cursor and then use your computer microphone to leave your voicemail.  It comes to me personally. 

Via Facebook: Jim W. Hollis  OR  our Proactive Ministries Page

By calling our ministry offices: (770) 803-9988


Several listeners have sent emails and called to request an “update” on how God has been working in my life and our ministry in the past few months.  Let me joyfully mention a few celebrations:

  • Ministry growth is taking place in our Barnabas Ministry Group located in Beaumont, TX.  Three congregations are working together with us there: Wesley United Methodist Church; Faith United Methodist Church; and St. James United Methodist Church.  We recently completed a training weekend on Loving, Relating & Encouraging (L.R.E.) outreach with this group.  And we had several Laity from Beaumont First UMC join us to lead outreach Teams into the community to initiate new relationships.
  • We celebrate a new Barnabas Ministry Group in the Somerset, Pennsylvania area. (Somerset County & the Connelsville District of the Western PA Conference of the UMC) Five congregations are serving together in a two year Ministry Training Covenant with Proactive: Bethany UMC; Christ UMC; Milford UMC; Calvary UMC and First UMC of Somerset – our first weekend on Prayer Ministry Training will take place on September 20-22, 2013.
  • We are praying for new ministries to launch with churches in Phoenix, Arizona, while we continue to work in Central UMC in downtown Phoenix.
  • We are praying for new, growing ministry relationships with churches in the Disciples of Christ and United Methodist churches in the Seattle, Washington area over the coming months.

As always, would you please keep our ministry and me in your personal prayers?  It is nothing less than spiritual prayer power that keeps doors opening and opportunities to serve Christ coming into reality.  Thanks so much for taking a few minutes to send in your personal responses to the questions I have asked you to respond to in today’s podcast.

And don’t forget!  I would love to discuss your congregation’s current reality with you, your Pastor or other church Leaders.  We can easily have an online video visit.  I’m also available to personally come and visit with your church Pastor, Staff, Leaders and participants as a gift to your congregation.  Please share this with your Pastor.  Hope to hear from you soon!

Blessings in Christ,








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