Joseph – Another Dungeon on the Journey

by Jim on June 12, 2013


Ministry Encouragement Podcast – Episode #50

6-12-13    Rev. Jim W. Hollis, Proactive Ministries (

Hello and welcome to each of you who are part of the community built around The Ministry Encouragement Podcast.  I’m Jim Hollis, your host for this podcast and your friend in Christ in this community of faith.  This is our 50th episode and we are working our way through major portions of the Old Testament.  We have been exploring the amazing and arduous journey of Joseph, the son of Jacob, one of the greatest leaders in the Bible.

We pick up the story today in the book of Genesis, Chapter 40.  Joseph has been through some of the deepest and darkest valleys in life.  He had experienced being sold into slavery by members of his own family, yet God was with him through that struggle.  God delivered him to the home of a major leader of Pharoh in Egypt.  Through Joseph’s witness and life he was promoted to a place of great authority.  Then a major fall as the leader’s wife accused him of attempted adultery (a major lie) and he once again found himself in a dungeon – a prison, locked away.  But Joseph continued to trust God and God continued to move him forward in the journey, leading him to an amazing finish.

Waiting on God to move in our lives is one of the hardest part of faith.  Trusting God in the dark and despair of depression and minimal hope is a challenge we all face from time to time, yet I call us today to see in this journey how God is with us, for us and does not forsake us.  God wants and wills the very best for our lives and we can trust that.

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