Modeling Ministry with Youth

by Jim on September 12, 2012


Ministry Encouragement Podcast – Episode 011 – 9-12-12

By: Rev. Jim W. Hollis, Executive Director of Proactive Ministries

Proactive Ministry Offices: (770) 803-9988

Welcome to our eleventh Episode of the Ministry Encouragement Podcast, in which we will be talking a bit more about Christian ministry with children – our own and others’ children we may have influence with as Christ-followers.  We will summarize some thoughts from Episode 010 last week on sharing Christ with children.  This episode is primarily about modeling excellent ministry with Youth.

Next we will move into discussion about sharing Christ with youth, from about age 13 through 17 years old.  In most congregations the youth who are in this total age range are divided into two major groups: Junior Highs and Senior Highs.  We will share about these groups doing activities together and also why they need time apart from each other to discuss issues concerns and hopes that would be very different in each group.

We will then share about Two Top Life Lessons & Joys which can deeply influence all Youth, helping them to either find a personal relationship with Christ for the first time, or to grow deeper in their personal relationship with Christ as a Christ-follower and disciple.  These three Top Life Lessons and Joys for youth are most effectively shared with youth (and anyone) through the ministry of modeling.  Modeling is living out before another the genuine faith that is in us from Christ, being real and yet transparent in our struggles and issues.

Ultimately we would love to see every child and youth (as well as adults) come into a personal, saving relationship with God through the risen, living Presence of Jesus Christ.  We will talk about how we can share with both children and youth about what it means to become a Christ-follower and a disciple of Jesus in real life terms.  While there is no “one way” for this – we know that major commonalities exist in anyone coming to Christ.

Now, let’s take a look at the Two Top Life Lessons & Joys which can be shared with and modeled for Youth.  They are:

1)   Authenticity is cherished and valued – let’s keep our witness in life REAL.

2)   We can choose to live toward excellence in our personal relationship with Jesus Christ in these key ways.

             Following this, I will share some of the TOP ministry resources available today for working with children and youth, from some of the most gifted and talented Children and Youth ministry leaders across several congregations.  They will be listed below at the end of this post. 

            Let me encourage your corresponding with me via Email at: really matters.  While we are growing our Podcast, I have a desire to get to know those of you who are in the community we are creating together.  Your comments, thoughts and responses to these Episodes help me to know what is on your mind, heart and represents what questions, concerns or hopes you have for ministry with children and/or youth. 

            What kinds of ministries are working super well with your children or the children in your faith community?  How are the Youth in your faith community being reached and grown into effective, loving disciples for Christ?  What resources have you, as a parent, grandparent or ministry leader, found to deliver the greatest, positive influences for Christ with children or youth you know? 

            There is also a Voicemail button or tab on my Blog site for this Podcast.  It’s on the right side of the screen and you can click on it, use your computer microphone and leave me a voicemail.   I hope to hear from you! 

            And, as always, I personally covet your prayers.  I also encourage you to keep our overall ministry at Proactive Ministries in your prayers as well.  As a ministry we are currently in ongoing, teaching, coaching and training relationships with 19 churches across  America. 

            If you have not become familiar with our ministry of Proactive Ministries, you can discover our mission and joys at our Website:

            If you are a Pastor or Leader in your church, we would love to talk with you what’s going on in your congregation and discuss some practical, effective, proven strategies for moving your overall ministry to the next level in growing your people and reaching those in authentic relationships who are beyond your walls.  Our main ministry offices in Atlanta phone number is: (770) 803-9988. 

            Excellent ready resources for Children’s and Youth Ministries based on recommendations from top Youth Ministers and Children’s Ministers in local churches as well as Children and Youth Instructors on our Training and Coaching Staff: – A tremendous site for both children’s and youth resources – This is the “Daddy” of all youth ministry sites, complete resources, training and coaching available. They will be having an excellent, mega training conference in Atlanta, GA, this October 19-20 at Johnson Ferry Baptist Church, in East Cobb County.  – Navigators have been around a long time, but are still some of the most wonderful resources available today with children and youth, as well as adult resources for curriculum, study groups, small groups and discussions.   – This is a publishing arm of the United Methodist Church and part of the General Board of Discipleship in Nashville, TN.  They have excellent devotional, small group and other ministry resources.  They are linked with Discipleship Resources in Nashville, who also have many wonderful resources available. 

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