Profoundly Increasing Our People’s Engagement in Life-transforming Ministries

by Jim on October 23, 2013


Ministry Encouragement Podcast – Episode #069 – 10-23-13  

Sponsored by: Proactive Ministries (  Your Host: Rev. Jim W. Hollis

Hi and welcome to our sixty-ninth Episode of the Podcast.  I deeply appreciate your joining me today and if this is your first time, I encourage you to listen to several episodes, consider subscribing, and then share this ministry podcast with other Christ-followers you know.

Today we will be discussing an absolutely universal need of every congregation that we have ever worked with across the past 20 years:

How can we profoundly increase our people’s engagement in life-transforming ministries?

We’ve been blessed to have worked with more than 950 congregations of various sizes, settings and diversity.  The need to get more of our own people more deeply connected to spiritual ministries is a need in 99.99% of these congregations.  It seems so obvious and yet, in a vast majority of these congregations, this trend continues to plague us as it relates to our actual ministry potential.  As Christ Followers, we are called to develop Disciples.

For this, we need spiritual encouragement, clear plans and strategies that are proven.  Ministry engagement is required for lives to change in our churches.  We are called to risk ourselves to initiate and grow others into discipleship.

Overcoming this enormous need can come through the following KEYS which I will discuss on this Episode:

1) How are we accurately defining “Our People” who are consistently with us?

2) Who is consistently and effectively reaching out to them?

3) Reaching out to this varied population requires focused ministry strategies.

4) The important difference between “growing by accident and growing by design” today.

5) First Steps in moving to significantly increasing discipleship development in our congregation.


Thanks again for being part of our community!  If you have heard something today that speaks to your heart and the needs of your congregation or ministry leadership, please take action.  Continuing to “think about it” will change nothing.  This requires the key leaders of the church to be willing to name the need, feel passion to change it and seek help in exploring HOW this can be reversed in your church or ministry.

Let me encourage you to contact me personally and let’s talk about the specifics of your church or ministry going forward.  I am always glad to hear from you!

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Why wait any longer to see this be spiritually reversed in your church?  Share this with your Pastor or other key leaders.  And we will pray that you will take a step, acting on what you have heard today.




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