Six Keys to a Life of Spiritual Significance

by Jim on February 9, 2014


Ministry Encouragement Podcast Episode #82 – 2-8-14

Your Sponsor: Proactive Ministries     Your Host: Rev. Jim W. Hollis

Hello and welcome to the Ministry Encouragement Podcast.  This one is coming to you from the snowy slopes of Western Pennsylvania, where we are presently having a weekend of District Training events on our Barnabas Ministry Group development.

If this is your first time to listen, a special welcome to you.  If you’re a consistent member of our community, I can’t tell you how much that means to me in terms of encouragement and affirmation of this aspect of our ministry. It’s our prayer that God will use this Podcast to touch lives around the world.  It’s happening.

Today we will be talking about:

Six Keys to a Life of Spiritual Significance

While there are many persons who would say they are “spiritual” and “living a spiritual life” there are far fewer that would confidently say they were living a consistent life of spiritual significance.

How do we organize our priorities and and determine which areas of spiritual focus to be able to move to this new level of spiritual life: spiritual significance.  In this way we will know with certainty that we are living the victorious, abundant life through our relationship with God through Jesus Christ.  We will find our perpetual power through the tangible presence of the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit grants us incredible strength for the spiritual journey of a life of spiritual significance.

Here are the Six Keys that will lead us to live a life of spiritual significance:

  1. Passionate Prayer
  2. Holy Scripture
  3. Christian Fellowship
  4. Spirit Filled Worship
  5. Our Great Commission
  6. Our Calling and Spiritual Gifts

Praying and seeking spiritual balance while building into these elements of our spiritual lives can truly move us to an entirely new place spiritually – a journey from simply spiritual life to a life of spiritual significance.


As always it is a joy to have you with me today for our podcast.  You know that when you share your thoughts, input, greetings and prayers – this encourages me and our ministry Staff incredibly.  I would love to have you share this Episode and others with those you know.

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Until the next Episode, may the Lord bless you and keep you in joy as we seek to prayerfully move forward in living a life of spiritual significance.



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