The 24 Hour Spiritual Transformation

by Jim on May 19, 2014


Ministry Encouragement Podcast – Episode #92

5-18-14 /  Our Sponsor: Proactive Ministries (

Your Host: Rev. Jim W. Hollis

Welcome today to the Ministry Encouragement Podcast.  This podcast is for the purposes of encouraging all Christ followers as they seek to draw closer to Christ and be engaged in ministries to others.  There is far too much discouragement in Christian ministry today.  So, in this time, it is my hope that you will find some encouragement which will touch you and that you would choose to share with others you know.

Today’s topic is:

The 24 Hour Spiritual Transformation

1) What am I referring to as The 24 Hour Spiritual Transformation?

2) How did this amazing blessing that has taken place across America get started and continue to grow to this very day? 

3) What are the keys to this particular transformation recurring so strongly? 

4) How can this happen in your local church and what are realistic, expected outcomes of this in your congregation? 

5) What ACTION steps could you take to bring this to reality in your own life and church setting? 

It’s my prayer that you will catch the vision of what God can do in ANY local church who truly wants to begin to reach others relationally in their community.  The church can be new or old, small or large, urban or rural and the Pastor & Leaders will definitely not want to count on “business as usual” or “maintaining the status quo” to deliver the growth to the congregation’s reach.

I hope you will share this with your fellow Leaders and Pastor.  The 24 Hour Spiritual Transformation can happen where you live in your life and the lives of those who lead and belong to your congregation.  Are you up for being an Agent of Change for Christ and ministry excellence  in your own setting? 

Hope to see you share this podcast with your Pastor, other key Leaders and friends you know.  It can truly make a profound difference in so many lives and relationships that it’s incredibly powerful.  Until our next epsisode, may God truly bless and empower you for greater ministry ahead!  You can be the catalyst for change!

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