The Depth of Our Caring – Nehemiah’s Response

by Jim on April 24, 2013


Ministry Encouragement Podcast by Rev. Jim W. Hollis, Executive Director of Proactive Ministries

4-24-13  / Episode #043  /  Proactive Ministries Offices: (770) 803-9988  /

Hello and welcome each of you to the forty-third weekly episode of our podcast.  Your being a new or faithful listener is one of the greatest encouragements possible in continuing to see our Christian Community grow as related to this ministry podcast.  Thank you so much for sharing in this today and passing it on to others who may need encouragement as Christ Followers.

Today I will be discussing, “The Depth of Our Caring” as Christ Followers.  We will be looking into the book of Nehemiah and see how his close relationship with God caused him to respond to the needs of his friends and relatives who were in Jerusalem, where the walls of the city had been burned and destroyed. 

We will start in the first chapter of Nehemiah, a book that is rich helping us see how our faith and love can move us to action rather than just expressing emotional concern and letting it go at that.  So as we proceed in this Episode, I hope you will get your Bible, turn to the book of Nehemiah as we begin a journey from destruction & despair to rebuilding & victory.

There are several principles we see as we begin the amazing journey of faith with Nehemiah:

  • Being comfortable as Cupbearer to the King had not dulled his passion for God and his people
  • He instantly was overwhelmed with a passionate, authentic burden for the people of Jerusalem
  • He not only wept, expressing sadness but mourned and repented
  • He prayed most of ALL: for forgiveness, courage and to have the will to ACT on his prayers
  • He risked everything to ask his own King for help in the cause of rebuilding the walls
  • He went and when he did he found the power of the enemies against him wanting to build
  • He continued to call on prayer to overcome the enemies and the obstacles
  • The walls were rebuilt through God using these people to make a profound difference

What things in our own lives as individuals today are under attack, burned, torn down or headed toward being in ruins?  Does it fill us with grief and a spiritual burden?   Or are we just “sad to learn the bad news?”

God’s burdens can become our own as we pray and walk in a close relationship with God.  When we feel the burden and the immense Divine Concern that God carries in these things, we are moved to action – not just words.  Nehemiah was no hypocrite – he lived out his faith and made a difference in God’s desires, touching hearts, lives and relationships.  Where are we in that today?

Again, thank you so much for sharing in today’s  Episode on examining our own depth of caring in Christ.  What areas of our lives do we need to find the spiritual courage from God to move us into action and resolve, leading to victory?

Please remember to share this Podcast with those you know and love.  It may be someone in your family, your place of employment, or others that you know through sports, hobbies or interests.  Your telling them about the podcast and inviting them to subscribe and listen could be just the encouragement they need to move forward when all hope seems gone and they feel inadequate to act against oppression.

Please let me hear from you by email:   OR by phone: (770) 803-9988 or by leaving a Voicemail on the blog page (right side button).  Until next time, may God bless you and use you beyond your greatest imagination to be courageous in ministry!

Blessings in Christ,


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Gary Whatley April 30, 2013 at 2:07 pm


I just finished listening to your podcast on Nehemiah. That was powerful! Your message chalenged me to take action on some people that are hurting! And ways I can make a difference in people’s lives! Thanks so much!




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