Encouragement through authentic forgiveness

by Jim on July 27, 2012


Ministry Of Encouragement Podcast – Episode 004

Author: Rev. Jim W. Hollis, Proactive Ministries

Hello and welcome to the FOURTH EPISODE of the Ministry Encouragement Podcast, an experience that will touch you at the point of one or more of your greatest needs, lift your life spiritually AND provide you with new Christ-empowered motivation to move fully into the JOY of discipleship and the ADVENTURE of ministry.  I am SO appreciative of you allowing me to share in your life today through this Podcast!

I am Rev. Jim W. Hollis, the Founder and Executive Director of Proactive Ministries.  This ministry has grown from a spiritual vision and a Staff of one – ME – to a ministry Staff of 22 today.  Proactive Ministries has provided ministry coaching and training to more than 900 congregations across North America since 1993.

ON THIS EPISODE #4, we will be addressing together the critically important theme of Ministry Encouragement through the practice of Forgiveness.

We will be spending some time in the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 18.  This is one of the major texts on Jesus’ teaching on forgiveness and how we can apply it to our daily lives.  I will be reading from the New International Version (2010) and Eugene Peterson’s The Message version.

There exists a massive need for all Christ-followers to be authentic practitioners of authentic forgiveness.  Without the reality of forgiveness, Christianity could be reduced to just another system of  RELIGION based on achievement through good works and the accomplishing of rituals.

Unfortunately, there have been too many circumstances where Christians have not practiced authentic, Christ-centered forgiveness.  Instead there have been times when persons related to churches have been known to “shoot their own wounded” rather than bringing them into grace, forgiveness and healing.

Everyone seems quick to say, “God loves me.  God loves us.  God loves everyone.  But when we really cross the line of responsibility, lose our grasp on sensitivity and abandon accountability, we SIN. (OH my, the taboo “S” word!)   That’s reality for the human condition.  Forgiveness is God’s answer to Sin.

We will talk about a new email question today from someone in our Podcast community from Florida, who asks a great question about what means when we hear or read the phrase, “Forgive and Forget?”  Do we have to forget something if we have really forgiven another?

I share THREE REASONS why forgiving is one of the most amazing experiences of our lives.   Receiving forgiveness when we know we are not deserving of it, helps us understand God’s Grace and the Divine Gift of God’s unconditional love.  YET, when we fail miserably, God is there with us and for us, not to condemn us or persecute us, or judge us.

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