Growing Deeper in Christ Through Personal Spiritual Coaching

by Jim on December 3, 2013


Ministry Encouragement Podcast – Episode #075 – 12-4-13  Your Host: Rev. Jim W. Hollis  

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Hello my friend and welcome to this, the seventy-fifth Episode of The Ministry Encouragement Podcast.  It is indeed a joy and blessing to have you take your time and share in this Podcast and the Christian Community God is creating through it.  Blessings on you for that! Today I will be addressing a topic that could transform personal spiritual growth for many Christians:

How Could I Grow Deeper in Christ Through Personal Spiritual Coaching?

When a person or a couple chooses to participate in Personal Christian Coaching, they are deciding to seriously build into their lives spiritually – growing in their walk with Christ, coming to have a much deeper understanding of the Christian Faith and Life, becoming more at home with the Bible and how to apply it to daily living, and learning to become agents of Divine Love in a variety of settings, situations and relationships.  In other words they are going to become powerful agents of ministry for Christ in the world!

With Personal Christian Coaching, Christ-followers will learn more about the larger Christian community of faith, be immersed in Christian education, relational faith sharing, conflict resolution tools, ministry strategies that will work to bring growth in any church they may be involved in going forward, and learn to witness powerfully to their faith in winning ways.

Over a period of extended time, participants will receive the following blessings in their lives:

  1. Consistent, personal visits,  online with an experienced and gifted Christian Spiritual Coach.  The typical “frequency” for these personal sessions are from once a week to once every other week for the amount of sessions you decide on.   They can take place on your personal computer, laptop, IPad, Tablet or even your Smartphone – any with Internet access – where you are at the time of your session.
  2. Your personal, Spiritual Coach works with you to provide the following:
  • Gets to know you as an authentic, caring friend in Christ; listens to your story, your spiritual journey, your hopes, and your dreams for the future.
  • Guides you through some personal “Inventories” of your personality profile & strengths, your current understanding of the Bible, and what your hopes for living out your faith may look like at this point in your life journey.
  • Comes to understand and encourage you in working through and overcoming some of your frustrations, issues, “things that keep you up at night,” struggles that you can neither have an answer for and can’t make go away – many of which are connected to relationships with others you know.  These may related to your own family members, friends or others that you hold hope for.
  • In light of all the things mentioned, your Spiritual Coach will custom design a plan of personal spiritual growth for you and will walk you through this plan which will move you significantly beyond your present level of spiritual, Biblical, and ministry understanding.
  • This will lead to the real possibility of coming to discover the joy of ministry involvement with others in various settings both in and beyond any single congregation.  Your ministry opportunities will be dependent on your personal spiritual walk, calling and desire to go serve when and where God can use you.
  • You can learn to be mature and equipped to help others learn Prayer Ministry, Small Group Ministry, Leadership Development, Outreach and Faith Sharing, and Spiritual Encouragement.
  • By having an experienced Personal Spiritual Coach who is a Ministry Instructor with Proactive Ministries, you will find many opportunities to use your new spiritual gifts, talents and ministry strengths to travel with Proactive Ministries in varied ministry settings across North America.  While on these spiritual ministry weekends, working in congregations from Arizona to Pennsylvania, from Washington state to sunny Florida, you will be given opportunities to encourage others, share your own faith story, help lead a Sunday School class or Connect Group, preach, and serve in other ways in various settings.

* You can do this either individually OR as a couple together! 

Don’t allow your lifestyle and “desired limitations” to restrict your personal Spiritual Growth.  Prayerfully consider going deeper in Christ and ministry training through Personal Spiritual Coaching through Proactive Ministries today.

Thanks for listening to our Podcast this week and I hope to hear from you personally about the possibilities we’ve raised here in this session.  I would be glad to hear about your present situation and discuss how this option may help you move to a whole new place in your walk with Christ. 

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Until our next session together, may the Lord bless you and keep you in all you do!

In Christ’s Grace,


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