Money for Ministry Follows These 3 Principles

by Jim on January 16, 2013


Welcome to the Ministry Encouragement Podcast, Episode #29.  On today’s podcast I am going to be sharing on something near and dear to the heart of every pastor, ministry leader, finance committee, and  ministry leadership team:

 The Joy of Raising Money for Ministry

I’m Rev. Jim Hollis, the Executive Director of Proactive Ministries, based in Smyrna, GA – the sponsor of this weekly podcast.   Now in our 20th year, with a Staff of 21, Proactive Ministries has provided teaching and ministry strategic training with more than 900 congregations and not-for-profit ministries across 40 states in the USA. We have provided encouragement ministry and coaching with Pastors, Christian Leaders and Christ-followers who want to experience a deeper spiritual walk in ministry effectiveness each day.  I’m so blessed that you have chosen to listen to this Episode and allow me to be part of your life in this way.

Here is the scenario for most Pastors and Christian Leaders in churches, ministries or not-for-profit groups across America today:

“We have a wonderful ministry that is touching lives for God” and,

“we really want to grow and expand the reach of our ministry” and,

“we just need more financial support to be able to see our ministry move to the next level of reaching others and growing disciples” and,

“we really wish we knew how to bring a major increase in giving to our ministry and its mission.” 

There is some really great news I want to share with each of you today.  For starters:

  • Regardless of the current health of the economy, more than enough funding is available for growing your church or ministry
  • There are people in your community who are desperately searching for what your ministry has to offer for their lives.  They have not met you and it is highly unlikely they will just walk in one fine day.
  • In your community there are persons and families who have been abundantly blessed financially and each year they give away large amounts of financial support to a number of not-for-profit organizations of various kinds.  Some of them have established a “family trust or foundation” and they are seeking new worthy causes to give to each year.
  • Religious and faith-based organizations in America receive the highest percentage of charitable giving of any category for the past 40 years.
  • You and your leadership can learn how to consistently and effectively connect with sincere, joyful and generous financial supporters in your community who want to find worthy causes to contribute to each year.
  • Ninety-nine percent of these donors detest their money going to taxes and will choose the non-profits it goes to each year.

Let’s move on then to discuss Three Major Principles that money follows.  In other words, if your church, ministry, not-for-profit organization wants to seriously increase financial support, these Three Key Principles must be securely in operation:

  1. A strong, consistent foundation of prayer ministry will power you, your leaders, your staff and volunteers with the spiritual passion, wisdom, discernment and tenacity to consistently pursue excellence in your mission and ministry.
  2. The content and delivery of what your church, ministry or other non-profit provides must be clearly beyond what those persons, groups, churches or organizations you serve could provide for themselves without your leadership. 
  3. Compassionate, authentic and caring relationship initiation and building must be consistently carried forward through a definite strategic and disciplined plan of action. 

According to research over many years, most clergy, ministry leaders and volunteers do not have adequate training, coaching and experience in fundraising to adequately fund their ministry and mission on their own efforts.  In fact, many leaders dread the entire concept of fundraising and count it as one of the least enjoyable parts of their ministry or organization.  And yes, ignorance here can be not only incredibly stressful but costly to the growth of the ministry and mission.

I will be sharing some of our ministry’s personal struggles and failures in this area.  I will also share how our leadership and I, as Proactive Ministries, came to move fundraising to an entirely new level that has evolved into one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling parts of our overall ministry.  This can happen in nearly every church, ministry or other non-profit organization who has a genuine mission that changes lives for the good.

Would you be willing to communicate with me about how your church, ministry, or other non-profit experiences fundraising in these days?  Are you frustrated with it?  Are you not sure how to truly move funds development to an entirely new level in order to allow you and your ministry to expand, grow and change many more lives through your mission?  I would be glad to hear from you by email:  OR by leaving me a voicemail on this blog site, just on the right hand side where you can click on the voice mail “button” and using your computer microphone or another microphone attached to your computer, leave me a voice mail indicating you would like to see this change in your ministry and organization.

As I discuss in this episode, our ministry provides the following training in person or through Webinars with churches, ministries, and other non-profits in the following areas:

  • Affordable and effective fundraising training for local churches
  • Year round Financial Coaching and Fundraising development with congregations
  • Not-for-profit organization and leadership development (Establishing a Board, Volunteers, and Fundraising strategies)
  • Financial Campaign coaching for churches and other groups
  • Identifying, relating to and developing lasting connections with Major Donors
  • Connecting with Family Foundations
  • Basic Grant Writing for seeking funding through Foundations

You may contact me in our Atlanta office at: (770) 803-9988

Until next time, I hope you will be blessed by God and live out of the joy that comes from walking in God’s Spirit.  I appreciate your prayers and hope to share with you in our next episode, next week.

Thanks for prayerfully considering sharing this podcast with one or more of the following people in your life:

  • Your family members
  • Your Pastor or church leaders
  • Your church’s, ministry’s or other non-profit’s Board
  • Your Finance Committee at church
  • Anyone interested in increasing charitable gifts to a worthy cause

It is always a joy to receive Emails or Voicemails from you.  You can email me at:

Or you may leave me a voicemail using the microphone on your computer as you click the voicemail button on the right side of this blog page.  It will allow you to record a message to me and it will come to me personally.

How do you feel about fundraising?  Is it something that brings you joy and helps you grow your ministry consistently?  Let’s talk about how that could change for you and your church or ministry.

I encourage you to share this Podcast Episode on Christian Fundraising with Pastors, Leaders or members of your Finance Commitee or Deacons.  There exists a great need for many local churches today to receive practical and effective training in how to consistently increase funding for ministry.  This can be done with joy, consistently through the entire year.

Give me a call today and let’s talk about what could change in your church, ministry or not-for-profit in the area of funds development.  I would love to learn about you and your ministry.

Blessings on you until our next episode next week.


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Jim Caso January 17, 2013 at 8:22 pm

Thanks Jim. Your message was very informative and filled with practical direction. It’s obvious your knowledge on this subject is based on experience.


Jim March 5, 2013 at 5:13 pm

Thanks Jim. One of the major needs in churches across America today is to increase the giving and finances of the church for ministry expansion. There is much lack of knowledge in this area. We work with churches for a year to help them not only raise more funds, but also train the Leaders in how to raise ministry funding each year thereafter, without having to do the training but once. If you know of churches that would like to seriously increase the Joy of Giving in their membership, give us a call.

Rev. Jim Hollis, Executive Director
Proactive Ministries
Offices: (770) 803-9988


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