Spiritual Life – Entering the Second Half of 2013 to Grow

by Jim on July 3, 2013


Ministry Encouragement Podcast – Episode #053

Rev. Jim Hollis, your personal Host & Executive Director of Proactive Ministries

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Hello to each of you in our community and  a very warm welcome to you as we come to the second half of 2013 and the second full year of this Ministry Encouragement Podcast.  Thank you so much for the emails, phone calls, LinkedIn messages, Facebook contacts and instant chats online.  Each time I have heard from you it has served as a great encouragement and blessing to me.  After a number of weeks in working through some major accounts in the Old Testament, today I want to bring us into the now.

In this Episode, I want us to reflect spiritually on the first half of our lives in 2013 and how we want the second half of this year to go as well.  Will we finish stronger than we began?  Will we call on the faith God has given to each one of us to see our lives move to a whole new level spiritually in our daily walk with Christ?  It is my prayer that we will pursue this together in the Grace of God.

There are four major Spiritual Areas that I would like to encourage us to examine and consider carefully today:

Area 1: Our Personal Prayer Life as Communion with God through Christ

Area 2: Our Time We Spend in the Bible for Guidance as God’s Inspired Word

Area 3: Our Growth in Relationships Spiritually & the Priority of Christian Fellowship

Area 4: Being a Witness and Authentic Friend to Others in Christ’s Love

It’s my prayer that our coverage of these four major areas will empower us to grow much closer to Christ and each other for the second half of 2013 together!  As always I cherish hearing from each of you in one of the following ways:

Personal Email: jim@ministryencouragementpodcast.com

Facebook: Jim W. Hollis

Linked In: Jim Hollis

Ministry Offices in Smyrna, GA: (770) 803-9988

Twitter: @jhriskforchrist

Voicemail (right side of this blog page…)

May God bless you as you live our your Faith each and every day!



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