What Giant Are We Facing? David and Goliath

by Jim on June 26, 2013


Ministry Encouragement Podcast – Episode #052  – 6-26-13

By Rev. Jim W. Hollis, Host & Executive Director of Proactive Ministries

Proactive Ministries: (GA offices: (770) 803-9988)  www.proactive-ministries.org

Hello and welcome to each of you as we celebrate this special Episode of The Ministry Encouragement Podcast.  It was one year ago that we began this journey in producing this podcast and now we are on Episode #052.

In today’s Podcast I am sharing with you about David, the shepherd boy, son of Jesse the Bethlehemite.  David was an obscure, unknown young lad who tended sheep and lived in the shadows of seven older brothers – several of whom were in King Saul’s army.  David was about to go from a “mere nobody” to the next King of God’s choosing.

While Saul had served as the King of Israel, God was removing his blessing from Saul and he would be succeeded by a new King, who the prophet Samuel would be instructed to annoint by God.  God revealed to Samuel that he was to look among the sons of Jesse for it was there that God’s choice of King would be found.

We pick up the account in the Old Testament, in the book of:

I Samuel 16 & 17

Thank you so much for being a vital part of the Christian Community that we have built around this Ministry Encouragement Podcast.  On this, the 52nd Episode, I must give a few shouts out to some very special encouragers and friends in various communities around the nation who stay in touch, in prayer and encourage me to keep going:

  • The hundreds of friends and families who listen and share this podcast with others you know around the metro Atlanta, GA, area.  You all are the top percentage of listeners.
  • To those in other countries around the world, here are the current, TOP 5: CHINA – 12; AUSTRAILIA – 11; UNITED KINGDOM – 10; CANADA – 9; AND BELGIUM – 7
  • Among those of you at home in the USA:

Beaumont/Port Arthur TX – 151

Los Angeles, CA – 109

San Francisco / Oakland / San Jose – 102

Phoenix, AZ – 77

Dayton, OH – 47


REMEMBER, though I have tried to not be too forward – I would love to come to YOUR CHURCH for a visit.  How does this work?

  • Contact me after you have spoken with your Pastor about Proactive Ministries (www.proactive-ministries.org)
  • We can set up a “Go To Meeting” conference call with you, your Pastor and a few key leaders to share about your church and its current realities
  • We can discern from that if our ministry of Proactive Ministries can be an effective and timely resource for you all
  • NEXT we would schedule a day and evening with your church and me.  I would either drive there or fly to the nearest airport to your church.
  • I would meet with your Pastor, Staff, other key leaders and your members during that day and evening.
  • We would talk and share about how we could bring excellent, effective and practical ministry training to your congregation over an extended time – typically 1 to 3 years of our working with you.
  • WE ALSO work with GROUPS of churches in the same town, city or regional area who have me come visit each of their churches and then form a Ministry Covenant Group to grow together in for 2 years.
  • Please note: there is NO cost to your church or group for me to come and share in this kind of visit with you all.  We do ask  you to cover my travel expenses and provide me with a Host Home to stay in for the time I am with you in your church.  I will also need transportation to and from the nearest major airport if I fly there commercially from Atlanta, GA.

And – if you would like to explore ministry training and coaching via WEBINARS, we have that capability as well.  We are currently sharing training with a number of churches around the world via Webinar.

SO – please contact me if you are interested in ANY of these possibilities for you, your group or your church:

Our Atlanta, GA offices: (770) 803-9988

Jim’s Email: jim@ministryencouragementpodcast.com

Facebook: Jim W. Hollis

LinkedIN: Jim Hollis

Twitter: @jhriskforchrist

May God bless you until our next Episode in our second year!!!  I covet your prayers.



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