Three Loved Psalms: Psalm 23, Psalm 100 and Psalm 121

by Jim on May 22, 2013


Ministry Encouragement Podcast – Episode #047 / 5-22-13

Rev. Jim W. Hollis, Executive Director of Proactive Ministries (

Thanks for joining me for our forty-seventh episode of this Ministry Encouragement Podcast.  I deeply appreciate your taking time out of your busy life to share in this ministry and community.  We will be returning again to the Old Testament for this episode.  We have been covering some major accounts in the Old Testament as you recall and after having discussed Psalm 25, I had a number of you share with me that you had some favorite Psalms which you felt should be included in our podcasts related to the book of Psalms.  Today we will be sharing three of your most loved Psalms.  Perhaps you are familiar with them or you may be hearing one or more of them today for the first time:

Psalm 23  /  Psalm 100  /  Psalm 121

As we shared in earlier episodes, the book of Psalms in our bibles is one of the greatest gifts we have readily available to lead us into a more open and transparent relationship with God.  In the book of Psalms we find nearly every expression of possible human emotions being poured out authentically and with passion.  We see the the Psalmist experience:

  • The depths of fear and terror
  • The oppression of depression and despair
  • The struggle to find hope when none seems possible
  • Placing our life in God’s hands as there is no other place to turn
  • Immense joy and celebration – praise for God’s Glory
  • Expectancy that God will deliver from the hands and plans of enemies

So for this time I will be exploring the three Psalms that you all indicate are “tops” on your list of meaningful ones in this great book.  If those of you who did not contact me with your favorites, please feel free to do so after listening today.  It is always a joy and encouragement to hear from each of you.

For now, lets jump right into some major thoughts about these three very popular Psalms: 

Psalm 23 –

* The very start of this Psalm:  “The Lord”

* Is my shepherd – Shepherds  lead the sheep, protect the sheep, provide for the sheep hence the phrase – I shall not want.

– My needs are provided for

– My safety is secure

– I am loved and cared for

– There are many things beyond my control, which I don’t have to stress over

– If the current grass is too sparse or fading, the S knows where to go from here

– I’m not as smart as the Shepherd, and that’s wonderful – I can rest in that

– He encourages me up the hills – restores my soul – “you can do it”

– He keeps me growing on paths of righteousness – best days ahead


My journey will lead me through some deep, desperate and dark valleys:

– I have blessed assurance that I will walk none of them without you beside me

– Some of them will cause me to look into the face of evil & Satan

– You comfort me – bring peace and extended compassion

— He is right beside me even in the valley of death – the hard places:

– When close relationships go bad

– When a relative or family member passes

– When I am abused at work and cut loose unfairly

– When I’m wounded by someone whom I really trusted

– When I find out my spouse is lying and in adultery

– When I realize someone in my family is ripped in alcoholism


* When it comes to resistance and enemies:

-The Shepherd sees my enemies before I get them in sight

– He knows every enemy I will ever encounter

– He prepares “a table before me” in their presence – the food I need

– I can take nourishment from Him (My Shepherd) in the midst of threats

– Abused parent whose spouse is threatening, deadbeat, or disappeared

– Having been unjustly accused and slandered by another (the accuser)

– He annoints my head with oil

– Blessing over us / our cup overflows


Psalm 100: Rejoicing and praise

* There is a song by Robin Mark, an Irish Christian contemporary artist, who sings a song called, “The Garments of Praise” on an album called, “Revival in Belfast” in which he sing lyrics that speak to the power of this Psalm: 

“Put on the garmets of praise for a spirit of heaviness, let the oil of gladness flow down from His Throne.”

In this simple Psalm 100 we find directions for bringing the Lord’s JOY into our lives when we really need it and desire to be lifted and transformed:

1)    Shout for joy to The Lord

2)    Worship The Lord with gladness

3)    Know that The Lord is God, it is he who made us and we ARE the sheep of his pasture.  “I’m going to be fine.  God made me.  He did not create any junk and is going to complete a work in me.  I am His and belong to Him.  I AM a child of the King of Kings, right now.  It does not matter how my feelings are running – I am a child of God and He loves me.”

4)    Enter his courts (wherever we are) with THANKSGIVING and his courts with PRAISE – give thanks.  Make a list of “what I am thankful for.”

5)    For The Lord is GOOD – all the time.  Good means God loves us completely and has our best interest and future in mind. God never brings evil into our lives, nor does God wish to harm us in any way.

6)    His LOVE endures forever, His Faithfulness to all generations.


Psalm 121: Where to Turn

Where does our help come from?

–  When life goes in the opposite direction from what we planned and intended?

– When we feel like we are out of answers and are on the EDGE of losing it?

–  When you are starting to slip and slide down a steep slope and you know the edge of the roof is coming soon.

*  OUR HELP (strength, encouragement, power, healing, hope and joy) comes from The Lord, the Maker of Heaven and Earth.  (Is God big enough in our minds???)

* The Lord is watching over us, we have Angels who are in the midst of our location.

  • God will keep us from harm – he’s watching over our lives.  Let’s turn to Christ.


Thanks again for being with us again and let me encourage you to share this podcast with others you know.  You can always play it in a small group, a Sunday School class or another gathering of friends.  We have several groups who are listening to it during the week and then gathering together in a favorite coffee place to discuss it and share on how it relates to daily life in Christ.

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May God bless you until our next episode!

In Christ’s Grace With You,



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